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Travel Briefing:

Anthargange is a hill situated 70 kms from Bangalore. The hill situated at 4021 ft  is dotted with volcanic boulders and rocks of all shapes, forms and sizes. Sparse vegetation is present comprising mostly of thorny shrubs and few cacti but there is a small patch of forest cover at the base.  This provides an opportunity for a light trek and random exploration from the base till the top. Different routes can be taken provided the traveler is well aware of the surroundings. It is advisable to talk one of the village kids into showing around the hills for a nominal fee. The main attraction of Anthargange though is the Cave system. These cave systems are formed by the rocks and boulders strewn and heaped upon one another. This is one of the closest places for caving close to Bangalore. Usually travelers take the help of the local kids to guide them through these cave systems which is advised. A good powerful torch and water-bottles is a must when visiting this place as it can get pretty hot in these parts. It is also an ideal destination for people experienced in rappelling as they can thoroughly enjoy these rock formations. This place is also frequently visited for night treks mostly in large groups.

For the spiritually inclined there is a well known temple at the base of the hill. The pond situated next to the temple gets continuous flow of underground water from the mouth of a Basava(Bull) idol making it a unique place. It is also said that the water from this Basava originates from one of the caves that can be explored at the top of the hill. Overall , an ideal place for an activity filled weekend getaway or day break from Bangalore.

Getting there

Majestic>>Get onto Old Madras Road>> Hoskote>>Follow precise signboards towards Kolar>>Left turn has to be taken onto a Kucha road before the bus stand(Precise turn has to be verified with the LOCALS ONLY)

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Caves, Temple

Things To Do

Trekking, Caving, Rappelling (IF experienced in rappelling only)

Food & Drinks Counter

Seasonal fruits like cucumber and mango are sold by the hawkers near the temple. It is advisable to carry drinking water. Food can be had at Kolar town at one of these places:
Ruchi Sagar
Woody’s & Kamat for a hearty meal if prepared to go the distance from the main town.

The Extra Mile

Someshwara Temple
Someshwara Temple
Kolaramma Temple
Kolar Gold Fields & Bethamangala Lake
Kotilingeshwara Temple

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