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Travel Briefing:

Mudgal Fort is located at a distance of 112 kms from the town of Raichur. The fort can be seen from the highway in Mudgal town and is relatively easy to locate. The fort at Mudgal is a place not to be missed when in Raichur district. The history of Mudgal fort dates back to the Yadava dynasty and in the 14th Century it was an outpost of the Kakatiya kingdom. Later the fort was under the possession of the Kings of Bijapur.

The fort at Mudgal is strategically built atop a hill and the rocky tiers paved for the construction of the royal houses at the summit surrounded by an outer wall covering an area of half a square mile. The outer wall has a moat filled with water which is now reeking of human and animal waste. The entrance to the fort is over a narrow bridge and it is quite imposing with towers on either sides complete with guard rooms and windows. The outer walls have sculptures of Hindu gods while the gates and the entrances have an Islamic influence. This passage leads the traveller into another gate, Kati Darwaza which has intimidating iron spikes. As one proceeds he/she can see the hill-top with tower like structures. The Fort to this day houses people and one has to find his/her way through these colonies to reach the top. A few kids might volunteer to take you till the top and it is advised to take their help. Do give them a small amount of money and a large number of eatables! There are a few tricky parts in the ascent and we advise the traveller to proceed with caution. The ascent offers breathtaking views of the surroundings and the landscape is dotted with wonderfully shaped boulders and hillocks. There is a huge magazine on the way to the top which was used to store gunpowder. The summit was where the royalty lived and there is a citadel at the top called as Bala Hisar. Here one can see several depressions in the rocks which were used for water storage. Bastions and walls were built for the defence of the Bala Hisar. The fort also houses an old run down Roman Catholic Church believed to be built in 1557 A.D.

Mudgal Fort is a massive fort covering a huge area and is surrounded by hills on one side which served as a natural barrier. Large parts of the Fort are intact and it is a sad sight that the Fort has not been maintained. Most of the walls are crumbling and the entire area within the fort is filthy and wears an unkempt look. hopes that the local citizens realise the historical importance of this grand structure and make an effort in preserving it.

Getting there

Raichur Bus stand on the left >> Proceed down the road towards Ambedkar Circle >> Turn right at the circle towards SH 20 >> In 80m, keep right at the fork and proceed >> You shall come across a bigger and busier circle (Basaweshwara Circle) in 600 m >> Turn left here onto SH 20 >> Travel on this road for 111 kms >> Mudgal town >> Proceed further and you can see the fort on the left side of the road >> Take the left into the alley next to the moat and you shall reach the fort doors.

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Fort, Bala Hisar

Things To Do

Look around Fort and then climb towards Bala Hisar near the top of the hill

Food & Drinks Counter

Mudgal does not have good hotels and the traveller must carry food from Raichur. It is advisable to carry bottled water too!

The Extra Mile

Amareshwara Temple,Lingsugur
Navarang Darwaza and museum,Raichur

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