Koormagadde and Naradagadde Islands

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Travel Briefing:
Koormagadde is a beautiful island located on the Krishna river in Raichur district,Karnataka. Situated at a distance of about 30 kms north east of Raichur town the island is accessible only by boat. Koormagadde is famous for the Dattatreya Peeta situated here and it is believed to be the original site of Dattatreya. The Samadhi of Sripadavallabha Swami is also present on this island. Koormagadde is also called as Kurumakshetra or Kuruvakala by the locals. Koormagadde also has an ancient watchtower situated amidst the green paddy fields and we advise the traveller to take directons from the locals and visit the watchtower.

Naradagadde is another island situated next to Koormagadde on the Krishna river. It has a temple of Narada and it is believed that Sage Narada performed penance here. The island also has a Samadhi of Vairagya Chennabasavaswami, a Shivayoga Peeta and a Basavanna temple.
The Islands are accessible only by coracle rides from the river bank. The coracle ride provides beautiful views of the islands and the water birds. There is a bullock cart ride to Koormagadde and we advise you to do a little bit of haggling as the locals quote astronomical prices on seeing travellers!

Getting there

Raichur Bus stand on the right>> Go past the bus stand, the K.S.R.T.C ticket booking office and the book store >> Take the first left onto Tippu Sultan road (The road opposite the Govt building) >> Proceed on this road and you shall hit SH 20 in half a kilometre >> Turn right onto SH 20 >> In 900m turn left at Chandramouleshwari temple onto SH 13 >> Proceed on this road for 1.4 kms and turn right onto SH 20 again >> Travel on this road for 28 kms >> Get onto Naradagadde road >> proceed for another 1.5 kms till you reach the banks of the river >> Climb into one of the coracles and the boatman shall take you to the banks of the island >> Catch a bullock cart to the temple or walk along the cartwheel marked track >> Koormagadde >> Another boat ride from here takes you to Naradagadde Temple

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Temples on remote islands, ruins of a watchtower, Dattatreya Peeta

Things To Do

Explore an island, Coracle ride, traditional bullock cart transport on mud roads

Food & Drinks Counter

Food is not available on the islands or on the highway. Travellers are advised to carry food and water from Raichur town.

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Fort, Raichur
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